How to get ninja

One of the pleasures of playing this game is to get and collect our favorite ninjas and build them to be stronger and assemble them into a formidable team to rule the game 🙂 So, how to get them? Especially good and OP ninjas?

There are several ways:

  1. Shop > Basic Hire and Diamond Hire, using silver and gold tickets. You get the ticket from Ninja Trial. Basic Hire will give Ninja class B and A. Diamond Hire may give you A, S, and SS. Note: Please do not use diamonds to get ninjas from Diamond Hire. It is expensive and random. You may not get the ninjas you want.
  2. Story > Elite. As you do missions on the story, you may get ninja shards.
  3. If you want to spend money, you can buy ninjas from Mystery Store, God Pass, and Time Limited Carnival. This is how the whales get their OP ninjas and get ahead in the game.

  4. But the best method to get good OP ninjas is through Limited Time Partner by using diamonds. Check out the article
    Limited Time Partner is held every two weeks.
    1. Ninja only: 24k diamonds
    2. Ninja with EX and 1 extra ninja copy: 57k diamonds