How to get diamonds

You may notice that mobile games in general are p2w. This is unpleasant but understandable as those companies developing the games are business entities and need to be profitable and keep operating.

However, the good news is this game is quite f2p friendly, as in it provides ways for players to earn diamonds and save it enough to buy good ninjas.

This is how to earn diamonds for free:

Menu / EventTimeNo. of diamonds
Daily tasksDaily20 + 50
Time Ltd Carnival
Accumulated Sign-in
150 on day 7
Clan War
click on Clan ranking
during Clan War
10, 20, 30
Clan War
Personal ranking
End of Clan War
a week’s time
200 to 1500
Kage’s Trial rankingEnd of Kage’s Trial
a week’s time
1200 to 3000
World BossDaily
17-19 server time
100 for killing
20 from other’s killing
Arena rankingDaily250 to 350
Clain InstanceDaily50/instance
Max 8 instances
Rogue Ninja PursuitDaily5-10/Discover, max 10 times
10-20 Killing

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