How to build team

A team consists of 6 ninjas, an array, and up to two monsters. So how do you build a good team when starting the game? No worries. The game tries to force you to build more ninjas based on their elements and mission.

  • Such as the Elite level in story will have resistance to certain elements like fire. The opponent cannot be hurt by fire ninjas. So you will be forced to build another element ninjas.
  • 100 Ninja War. Force you to build more ninjas to have several 3 and 6 teams.
  • Ninja Trial. Force you to build two 6 ninjas teams. Because each team can only battle 2 times in a row and need to take a rest in between.
  • Clan War. We can deploy 5 teams to occupy villages. You can mix and match ninjas to form a team that will affect how much power the team has. Whether you want to focus on one or a few strong teams or you want to spread out the power to more teams. Note: Level 5 village requires a minimum purple+2 ninja.
Example of f2p mid-game team

Team composition/type of team.
You can see on RCMD menu, that there are a few types of teams. But basically, a balanced team should have these ninja roles:

  • Tank. To be at the front. It’s main role is to take as much damage as possible and survive. Example: Lee, Hinata, Kakuzu.
  • Attacker. Able to give high damage with sometimes a penalty to itself. Such as Deidara, Youth Sasuke.
  • Healer. These ninjas would heal/restore our team HP. Quite useful for our team survivability.
  • Supporter. These ninjas usually don’t have high damage or defense. But they have skills that can strengthen or boost other teammates or weaken opponents. Example Youth Sakura, Shikamaru.
  • Controller. These ninjas have the ability to control opponents such as stunt, silence, or outright controlling. Example: Sakura, Hiruzen, Itachi, Shisui.