How to build ninja

Click on the Team icon. You will see your ninjas lineup.
This is your selected ninjas team lineup.

How to make a ninja stronger:

  • Train:
    • Upgrade: increase the ninja level. Currently, 110 is the max level. Get the EXP book from Daily Explore.
    • Enhance: max level is +5. Get the requirement by doing Stories. It consumes stamina.
    • Supplement: increase the certain number of ATK, HP, Tai DEF, Nin DEF using Nara Medicine. Max amount depends on ninjas.
    • Potential: increase the certain percentage of ATK, HP, Tai DEF, Nin DEF using Akimichi Medicine. Max amount depends on ninjas.

Ninja Tools and Ornaments:

You can get the tools from Training Ground for low-level tools. And later on, you can get higher-level tools from Kage Trial.
For ornaments, you can get them from Ninja Tower.
You make them stronger by Enhance, Refine, and Ascend. It is recommended to focus on ascending the weapon and talisman as they provide more benefit to your ninja’s power.

Ascend Ninja:
Ascend basically starring up ninjas by consuming other ninjas. It starts from 1 star up to 6 stars. Ascend provides a huge stats increase on ninja. The higher ascend stars the more stats increase, but it also requires a lot of materials and you would see that it is not easy to create 6 stars ninja. You should really consider which ninja is good to make it 6 stars.

Skills, EX skills, Talent, P.Skills, and P. Effect (P = Passive):
This is what separates between f2p and whales. Usually, only whales can develop these areas to the max because often they require money to get them. But don’t worry, you will still be able to develop them over time and enjoy the game.

Exclusive Tools:
Lastly, there are exclusive tools. This is very important because the stats it provides could determine win or loss in PVP. You get exclusive tools from the Exclusive Gear menu using tickets.