Diamonds / Income Calculator

If you are f2p, saving diamonds is really important in this game. With enough diamonds, you can get OP ninjas from Limited Time Partner which runs every two weeks.

Based on the previous article How to get diamonds, you can estimate how many diamonds you are able to accumulate and save for a certain period, let’s say a month. Of course, you can use an excel spreadsheet or just estimate it on your mind.

What if there is a specific calculator for this? Fortunately, there is. Thanks to Elma Tetsuo from server A227, he created exactly this calculator.

The calculator is quite self-explanatory. It can estimate the number of diamonds you can get based on how many days/dates, if you are doing quests every day, participating in world boss, etc. Why estimate? Because you may be spending diamonds on some things, such as Kage Trials additional matches, refreshes, etc.

Please enjoy the calculator and get those OP ninjas 🙂

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