A game without a social aspect would get boring pretty fast. Fortunately, this game has quite active communities, albeit sometimes could be quite salty and harsh 🙂

The benefit of joining the communities:

  • Ask questions and have a discussion.
  • Get tips and tricks.
  • Get leak of incoming ninjas.
  • Show your achievements.



Hokage Ultimate Storm

Shout out:

  • My clan mates in Conqueror server A227:
    • Veexxar
    • DeidaraSenpai
    • Elma Tetsuo
    • NGRobi
    • Tomura Jiraiya
    • Lucasuke
  • Madara Uchiha from The Great Shinobi World discord channel.
  • All the salty but very kind veterans from Konoha Ultimate Storm discord channel.

Youtube channel: