Clan War Strategy

When you join a Clan, you will be able to participate in Clan War. It is a weekly event started every Tuesday 16:00 to Sunday 22:00 (server time).

How to play:

  • There are 195 villages, randomly ranging from level 1 to level 5, 2 level 6, and 1 level 7.
  • There are 27 elite ninjas from level 1 to 9, each consisting of 3 teams.
  • Each clan can attack other players from other clans, but cannot attach their own clanmates.
  • Each player can form 5 teams.

Clan War strategy:

  • Forming the team. There are 3 approaches to setting up your teams:
    • Spread your ninjas to 5 teams of equal strength. This way you will have 5 teams of similar strength. Pros: Easy to manage, no difference in strength. Cons: The latter deployed teams will be weaker.
    • Spread your ninjas to 5 teams of staggering strength. Example: Team one: 7 million power, Team two: 8 million, team three: 9 million, and so on. You will deploy the team in sequence from team one, two, three, etc. Pros: at the end of the deployment, all teams will have similar power. Cons: Need the effort to keep track of team power and deployment sequence.
    • Setup one most powerful team and spread the rest to 4 teams. Pros: This is useful if you want to occupy village level 6 and 7 because usually they are contested by the strongest players. High risk, high return. Cons: Depending on your overall ninjas, the 4 teams that you have maybe weak in power and can be easily defeated by others.
  • Be on time. Try to be on time when clan war starts. By being on time, you would be able:
    • To kill Elite Ninjas. There is a First Blood reward for killing them. Kill level 9 elite ninjas first, then 8, and so on.
    • To occupy strategic level 5 and even 6 and 7 villages before other clans take them.
  • Occupy villages adjacent to your teammates’ villages. By taking villages side by side with your teammate, the villages will generate extra points up to a maximum of 35% with 9 villages.

    • Based on the above strategy, as an offensive move, you can break other clan village formations by occupying a village that stops their extra points.
  • Revival cool down. When a player defeats others, the defeated team will enter into Revival cool down of 3 hours. If he gets defeated again while having a team in revival cool down, the next defeated team will have additional 3 hours, so it is 6 hours, and so on.
    • Based on the above cool down rule, a clan may work together to target a specific player to make him endure a very long revival cool down. Of course, this will be very upsetting for the targetted player. Why? Because by being in revival cool down, he cannot occupy villages and get points.
  • Accelerated Revival. To avoid long time revival cool down, player can use/buy revival medicine. They start from 20 diamonds for 30 minutes acceleration and it will get more expensive the more we buy repeatedly.

  • Ranking Rewards. There are rewards for Personal and Clan.
    • For personal rank 1, 2, 3, it will be 1500, 1200, and 900 diamonds.
      • And then 700 diamonds for rank 4 and 5.
      • 500 for rank 6 to 10.
      • 300 rank 11 to 50.
      • 200 rank 51 to 100.
    • For clan rank 1, 2, 3, it will be 1250, 1000, and 850 diamonds, some ninja shards and clan war currency.
      • And then 700 diamonds for rank 4 and 5.
      • 500 for rank 6 to 10.
      • And so on similar to personal rank.
  • Set up an hourly alarm to collect resources from your villages. As you can see, the rewards are not bad, so you can minimize the risk of getting plundered by others by collecting the villages’ points on time hourly. But fret not. It is okay if you miss some of the collection hours, you can check your position in the ranking. For example if you are aiming for positions 6 to 10, it doesn’t matter if you are in position 6 or 10, you will still get the same rewards, and so on with other positions, you are aiming.

Clan war is an exciting event where it involves clan vs clan from a server cluster. You can work together with your teammates to dominate the event and be the highest ranking to get the most prizes.

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