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Feel free to explore around. You can find info on ninja statistics and skills, tips on how to get good ninjas, build them, grow god tree, collect diamonds, complete PVE missions, and strategy how to counter opponents’ lineup. Do leave a comment, we love to hear it.

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Urashiki: You must get this ninja to farm diamonds

Why? Because with Urashiki you can farm 1000 diamonds guaranteed from World Boss every day. That is only from your own kill. You will get 20 diamonds from other people’s kills. If there are many people on your server who have Urashiki, the rewards are even higher. One guy from A388 said, he gets 6000 diamonds without participating in World Boss himself. Imagine all those diamonds going into your account DAILY.

And the best part of it? You only need 1 copy of Urashiki, no need for talent, no need for EX.

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Diamonds / Income Calculator

If you are f2p, saving diamonds is really important in this game. With enough diamonds, you can get OP ninjas from Limited Time Partner which runs every two weeks.

Based on the previous article How to get diamonds, you can estimate how many diamonds you are able to accumulate and save for a certain period, let’s say a month. Of course, you can use an excel spreadsheet or just estimate it on your mind.

What if there is a specific calculator for this? Fortunately, there is. Thanks to Elma Tetsuo from server A227, he created exactly this calculator.

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Clan War Strategy

When you join a Clan, you will be able to participate in Clan War. It is a weekly event started every Tuesday 16:00 to Sunday 22:00 (server time).

How to play:

  • There are 195 villages, randomly ranging from level 1 to level 5, 2 level 6, and 1 level 7.
  • There are 27 elite ninjas from level 1 to 9, each consisting of 3 teams.
  • Each clan can attack other players from other clans, but cannot attach their own clanmates.
  • Each player can form 5 teams.

Clan War strategy:

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How to get diamonds

You may notice that mobile games in general are p2w. This is unpleasant but understandable as those companies developing the games are business entities and need to be profitable and keep operating.

However, the good news is this game is quite f2p friendly, as in it provides ways for players to earn diamonds and save it enough to buy good ninjas.

This is how to earn diamonds for free:

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